If you're looking to learn more about the Holy Spirt on your own, you've come to the right place. This study is designed to go along with our current series, "Ghost Stories." We hope it's beneficial to you and helps you grow in your relationship with God! Ghost Stories continues every Sunday at in November at Great Exchange Church in Boulder. We meet at the Century Theater at 10am and would love to see you there!

1. Read Acts 1:8. What do you think God's power looks like? Do you feel that your life exhibits the power of God?

2. In Acts 2, the Holy Spirit fills people with boldness to share the mighty works of God in their lives. Who in your life needs to hear about the mighty works that God has displayed in your life?

3. Last week, we talked about how the Holy Spirit is a person. How does that impact your relationship with Him? Here are some verses that talk about the personhood of the Holy Spirit. Read them and make feel free to make notes about how the person of the Holy Spirit relates to us.

4. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to fill you, to speak to you, and to show you His power. This may feel weird because, if you’re like most Christians, you may have never prayed to the Holy Spirit. But He is God and it’s totally ok. Then, pay attention to how the Spirit moves in your life throughout the week and journal about it every night before bed.

5. Who are you bringing with you to “Ghost Stories” next week? Take the time to pray for them by name. Pray that they will accept your invitation, experience the Holy Spirit for themselves, see the life Jesus offers us through the Spirit, and accept an invitation to follow Him.