Gain valuable ministry experience while seeing people exchange their lives for a greater life in Jesus Christ.

An internship at Great Exchange Church is an opportunity to receive personal development, as well as witnessing and impacting lives being transformed through the power of faith and the gospel. This internship program is designed to give participants ministry experience, as well as a glimpse into the life of someone in ministry.

The 3 I’s to our internship program

Invitation—community outreach
Involvement—in church ministry operations, day to day operations, and small groups
Investment—in your spiritual growth through teaching, bible studies, and seeing God do great things in our city.

Do Interns work on Sundays?

All interns are members of our volunteer teams serving at our worship services on Sunday mornings. Your role will be determined individually.

Do I get college credit?

If your college or university offers internship opportunities, we will work with your counselors and/or professors to ensure you meet all of the criteria for college credit.

What is the ideal candidate for an internship?

The ideal candidate is between the ages of 18-25 years old, exemplifies and lives a life in Christ, and fully supports the vision of Great Exchange Church.

Will Great Exchange Church help interns with housing?

We do have limited housing opportunities available for interns. Interns will stay with hosts from within the church. When limited housing runs out, we have some opportunities for lower rent around $200/month.

Is the internship paid?

Yes. Interns are paid a weekly stipend of $100 to help with the costs of living. However, if someone is earning college credit through the internship program, the guidelines set forth by the college or university in regards to compensation will be followed.

Do I need a car?

It depends. You will need some form of transportation. Depending on where you are staying, much of Boulder is accessible through walking, bicycling, or riding a bus. Cars are not required, but are probably helpful.

What does a normal week look like?

Intern positions will require a time commitment of around 32 hours per week (Monday-Thursday), plus serving on Sundays. The weekly routine will vary depending on the intern’s ministry area and the needs of the church.

How much money will I need to raise?

You will be receiving $100 per week from Great Exchange Church as a stipend for living expenses. That is $1000 over the course of 10 weeks. You will need to raise the remainder of the money you need for living in Boulder for 10 weeks, this includes transportation to and from Boulder, food, transportation in Boulder, and spending money. If you need to pay for housing, it will cost $500 for housing for the 10 weeks. Though needs and preference vary from person to person, about $1000 raised should suffice for covering travel, rent (if needed), and living expenses while in