Serve with us at Great Exchange Church.

One of the best ways to grow in your faith is to get involved.

At our church, we stress ownership over membership because members have rights but owners share responsibility. Our church wouldn't exist without ownership. Every week, people serve children, greet guests, run production, and many other things that make our church come alive.

And there's always room for more.

Even if you're unsure about Christianity, we invite you to belong before you believe. We have a place for you to serve.

We believe you'll grow through serving others. You'll find what others have found throughout the centuries of the Christian church: while ownership requires something from you, it will actually give much more back to you.

So join the mission. You're invited. Contact us today and let us know you're ready to serve.

Serve your city.

We love Boulder because God loves Boulder. We have strategically chosen community partners who do incredible work in our city day in and day out. Every year, we donate time, resources, and money to give to partners like EFAA, Attention Homes, and the I Have a Dream Foundation. 

Through our partnerships, we get to unleash a wave of generosity in our community and around the world by offering opportunities to give, serve, and love other people. Our motivation comes from 1 Timothy 6:18:

They are to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share...
— 1 Timothy 6:18 ESV

When you join us on Sundays, you'll also discover other times throughout the year to jump in and serve our local community. Together, we can show the city God's love.